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Denmon & Denmon - Tampa DUI/DWI Attorneys
Denmon & Denmon Trial Attorneys is a full service criminal defense law firm specializing in DWI defense. With offices in Tampa and New Port Richey, Florida. Our attorneys approach each case with a "Team Approach" to take advantage of the different training and experiences of our lawyers. Our lawyers will analyze your case to develop a strategic plan of attack. Contact our experienced Tampa/New Port Richey & St. Petersburg FL lawyers now at (813) 554-3232 (Hillsborough County), or (727) 753-0049 (Pasco and Pinellas Counties) to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.
Address : 918 West Kennedy, Tampa, FL 33606
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Finebloom & Haenel P.A.
Our firm is your reliable choice for DUI Charge Defense in Tampa. Being charged with DUI is a serious offense, and implications can be severe if you do not hire a qualified DUI attorney. Selecting a subpar DUI attorney to handle your DUI offense is almost as bad as not getting a lawyer in the first place. On a daily basis, our aggressive DUI lawyers at Finebloom & Haenel P.A. help numerous clients get through this difficult period of their lives. It is our goal to do what is necessary to get your DUI charge dismissed. Contact Finebloom & Haenel P.A. today for a case evaluation at no cost. Our DUI lawyers are available to answer your call at all times of the day.
Address : 3426 West Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609
Phone : (813) 649-8690

Casey Ebsary, Jr.
Casey Ebsary, Jr., a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer and DUI - DWI attorney, has extensive knowledge of these issues and helps establish your defense against these allegations and other traffic charges.
Address : 1101 Channelside Drive Tampa, FL 33602
Phone : (813) 222-2220

Peter N. Macaluso, P.A.
His criminal law experience includes: Felonies, Misdemeanors, Illegal Arrest-Searches, Traffic Cases, DUI-DWI, Violation-Termination of Probation Hearings, Pre-trial Intervention Program, Bond Reductions, Drug Offenses, White Collar Crimes, Sex Offenses, Domestic Violence, and Appeals.
Address : 3302 North Tampa Street, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone : (813) 251-2831

Mark E. Hershock
DUI-DWI and other traffic offenses can result in serious consequences. At the law office of Mark E. Hershock, we have experience in defending people charged with various traffic offenses. Serving clients in Tampa, Florida, and nearby communities, we work for the reduction or dismissal of charges.
Address : 807 W. Azeele Street, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone : (813) 463-2855

Brian E. Gonzalez
Widely respected criminal defense lawyer Brian E. Gonzalez is versed in current Florida DUI-DWI law and DMV procedures, and he also knows the tendencies of many jurisdictions statewide.
Address : 2917 West Kennedy Blvd. #120, Tampa, FL 33609-3163
Phone : (813) 463-8809