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The Aggressive DUI Attorneys of Kurtz & Blum PLLC
The charge of DWI typically requires you lose your license for 30 days before you've even been convicted of anything! That should give you some idea of how seriously the state of North Carolina takes DWI (sometimes known as DUI) cases. At Kurtz & Blum, we can help to get you back on the road. Our skilled Raleigh DWI Lawyers will fight relentlessly for your rights. If you're charged with DWI, call Kurtz & Blum. We're in your corner.
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William L. Fay
Practice areas: Traffic law, DWI, and Criminal Law.
Address : 2626 S. Saunders St., Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone : (919) 828-5570

Sparrow Law Firm
When Sparrow Law Firm handles your defense for DWI charges, we will investigate all known facts such as the reasonableness of the stop, whether you were arrested at a checkpoint, the breath test or other field sobriety test that you took and other issues.
Address : 317 W. Morgan St., Unit 111 Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone : (919) 829-3500

Mahlum Law Office, PC
We focus our practice solely on Criminal and Traffic Law in Wake County. Everyday we are at the courthouse representing clients charged with DWI/DUI's, Speeding Tickets, and criminal charges. If you need an attorney, Mahlum Law Office will be with you for every step until we reach the best possible solution.
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Phone : (919) 833-6640

Law Offices of Brad Sahl, P.C.
When you've been arrested for DWI, there are a number of possible defenses to explore and various factors to consider. At each step of the legal process, The Law Offices of Brad Sahl, P.C. can provide the legal representation you need to ensure the best possible outcome.
Address : 5 West Hargett Street, Suite 1004, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone : (888) 839-4961

The Roberts Law Group, PLLC
We handle all criminal defense cases in federal and state courts: DWI/DUI defense, Drug charges, Sex Charges, Sex offenses, Theft and property crimes, and Assault and violent crimes.
Address : 203 W. Millbrook Road, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone : (866) 630-2389