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Kohler & Hart
The Milwaukee DUI-OWI lawyers of Kohler & Hart have years of experience representing clients facing criminal DUI-OWI charges.
Address : 735 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202‎
Phone : (414) 271-9595

Hunt Law Group, S.C.
Practice areas: Criminal Appeals, Criminal Defense, Driving While Intoxicated, Drug Crimes, Felonies, Mail Fraud, Misdemeanors, RICO, Sexual Assault, and White Collar Crime.
Address : 829 North Marshall Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone : (414) 937-5165

Anderegg & Associates
Anderegg & Associates is a highly successful criminal defense firm specializing in drug possession and drug delivery cases, sexual assaults, OWI (i.e., Operating While Intoxicated, DUI, DWI, PAC, Refusals, etc), armed robbery, theft, battery and domestic violence problems, among other types of cases.
Address : P.O. Box 170258, Milwaukee, WI 53217-8021
Phone : (414) 963-4590

Henry Law Office
I have counseled hundreds of clients faced with the worrisome uncertainty of their legal problems, including the crimes of: Drunk Driving-DWI, Shoplifting, Assault, Sex Crimes, Drugs and Narcotics Charges, Bench Warrants, Failure to Appear, Parole Violations, Probation Violations Traffic Offenses, Domestic Violence, Misdemeanors, Violent Crimes, and Gun Violations.
Address : 3500 S. 92nd Street Suite 3C, Milwaukee, WI 53288
Phone : (414) 329-3600

The Law Offices of Sydne French
We are ready to go to work defending you against the following types of charges:Operating a vehicle while intoxicate , Operating with Prohibited Alcohol Content, OWI, OWI causing injury, Operating after revocation,Operating after revocation, License Suspensions-Revocations,Refusals and Implied Consent Violations, Vehicular homicide, Reckless Driving, All Impaired Driving Related Traffic Tickets.
Address : 250 East Wisconsin Avenue, 18th Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone : (262) 748-7008