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Robert Shafer & Associates, P.A.
Jacksonville Florida DUI attorneys, DUI charges, arrests, and offenses for drunk driving, DWI, OWI, blood alcohol levels, suspensions of license, DMV hearings - our driving under the influence / drunk driving defense attorneys can take immediate action.
Address : 106 North Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202
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Epstein & Robbins
The law office of Epstein & Robbins has become one of the best known DUI defense firms in Florida. Our track record for winning DUI cases gives new clients confidence that we will protect their driver's licenses and their driving records.
Address : 1125 Blackstone Building, 233 E Bay Street, Suite 1125, Jacksonville, FL 32202-3462
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Stone & Associates
Our DUI-DWI lawyers challenge the reason for the stop,detention and arrest, and we challenge the results of breath tests and roadside sobriety exercises in the pretrial stages. We have won DUI cases by suppressing evidence, getting DUI charges reduced to simple traffic offenses, or obtaining the outright dismissal of charges.
Address : 1830 Atlantic Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone : (904) 396-3335

Mussallem & Forbess, P.A.
Mussallem & Forbess, P.A. has a comprehensive understanding of Florida's DUI laws. From the traffic stop to the breath, urine, or blood test, every element of your case will be carefully examined. We will help you understand the possible consequences you face and maximize your chances for a successful defense.
Address : 207 North Washington Street Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone : (904) 634-0900