Top El Paso DWI Attorneys

Mark T. Davis, Attorney at Law
If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated, I am ready to use my skills and knowledge as an El Paso DWI attorney to protect your rights. Contact me to schedule a consultation.
Address : 1554 Lomaland Drive, El Paso, TX 79935
Phone : 915-603-5863

The DWI Busters
When facing DWI charges in Houston or El Paso, taking quick action to try to avert a conviction is essential to the eventual outcome of your case. With a DWI attorney at your side, your chances of fighting off a conviction or obtaining a reduced charge can be greatly increased. At The Law Offices of Sergio A. Saldivar, our firm offers vast experience to our clients.
Address : 2301 Montana Ave., El Paso, TX 79903
Phone : 915-541-6006

El Paso DWI
DWI cases run two courses. One is the criminal aspect. The other is the administrative process that involves possible license revocation. We move quickly to challenge and possibly overturn the suspension and identify ways to secure an occupational license to drive for work-related purposes. If you have been charged with DWI, call the Quinonez & Salayandia Law Firm, PLLC to represent you best interests.
Address : 11890 Vista del Sol A-115, El Paso, TX 79936
Phone : (915) 301-8890

Ortega, McGlashan, Hicks & Perez, PLLC
Being charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in the state of Texas is a serious offense, oftentimes leading to heavy fines, driver's license suspension, and prison time. If you are in El Paso County and need effective representation from a skilled defense lawyer for a DWI case, Ortega, McGlashan, Hicks & Perez, PLLC is ready to give you the assistance you need. Our attorneys have years of experience practicing law in Texas so we know how the state's legal system works.
Address : 609 Myrtle Suite 101, El Paso, TX 79901
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